The Process


This is the opportunity for our team to walk in your shoes. From video calls to in-person meetings, we want to get to know your brand inside and out. We cannot deliver successful project results for your brand if we do not know who you really are. Here it’s all about research—where you are, what are your strengths and challenges and where you want to be.

We pride ourselves on seeing things differently. With passion and innovative tools, we bring people together to support growth, strengthen dialogue, build movements, sustain momentum, amplify unheard voices, and influence social change. We offer a fresh, creative, and effective approach to bringing issues to the forefront of public awareness.


Here is where we work to define your project needs and develop the most effective plan of action to realistically meet your goals. Our team will host several meetings to nail down collaborative ideas and the confirm written and visual concepts that ensure we the future success of your project. You approval and feedback is key to the development process!

We’re on a mission to communicate ideas worth fighting for. Ideas of hope, change, innovation, and transformation guide our work to create a just and sustainable world. We use the power of strategic insights, storytelling, design, video, and grassroots organizing to propel socially responsible brands to change lives and communities.

In order to make a measurable impact, we integrate a three-pronged approach to each project by asking:

Are we sharing a unique point of view?

Do the rules support or harm the progress of the new point of view?

Will the project create a new culture that supports the new understanding?

House of Battles’ culture is truly defined by the phrase “People Over Profit & Popularity.” In our highly entrepreneurial environment, partners are encouraged to pursue their individual passions and are empowered to do things differently. We know everyone excels at what they are most passionate about! We go above and beyond to meet our clients needs because me believe in every project we’re apart of.


It’s time to prepare final deliverables and get everything all set to meet the world! We’ve worked hard as a team, and we’re ready to put it out there. It’s a time for a celebration!