We’re a social impact agency on a mission to communicate ideas worth fighting for. Ideas of hope, change and innovation guide our work to create a just and sustainable world. We use the power of storytelling, design, video and grassroots organizing to propel socially responsible brands. Our clients are leading humanitarian organizations, think tanks, universities, government agencies, tech innovators and social enterprises who fight society’s toughest challenges.

Our agency focuses corporate social impact, political campaigns, brand positioning and issue communications. Our staff are activists at heart and creative strategists by trade. With research and passion, we drive progressive business models through client projects, compelling content and curated events.

In our free time, we cultivate a community of change agents through our debate series, the annual Hack-a-thon, and charity projects throughout the year. As a result, we can take our advocacy efforts to new heights by helping local leaders get involved with the important issues affecting their communities.


Consumers are becoming more mindful of how they choose their favorite brands. Integrating social responsibility into business models is becoming a new standard for gaining the trust and loyalty of the public. We help you engage the community you serve, manage their expectations, and build better business practices.


Whether it’s at the ballot box, in the halls of Congress, in state legislatures, or the court of public opinion, House of Battles helps clients win. We use digital analytics, micro-targeting, and media organizations to enhance popularity and votes.  


We build brands that stand up in a world of change. We develop more than packaging. We create identities that connect to your customers deepest concerns. We share the key message at the heart of every client’s mission.


Our clients are changemakers that want to make the world better. In order to achieve their goals, we must research and understand all perspectives. In doing so, we strip complex issues down to its raw essence and develop strategies that call others to action.

We’re always finding ways to foster a creative environment of constant learning and action among the Chicago community of thought leaders, changemakers, innovators and creative geniuses. Together we can find solutions and build plans that have a deeper impact in the lives of those most disadvantaged.



At the end of every quarter, we host a intimate community debate among community leaders, innovators, government officials (public servants) and representatives from the Democratic, Republican and Independent parties. Together we discuss current issues and new developments to address those issues in an effective way.



We created an annual immersive hack-a-thon for change agents that challenges activists, creatives,  developers and strategists to connect around the issues that matter. Three groups will take on a different issue given to them by three partnering nonprofits. Over the course of a single weekend, the groups will create campaign communication pieces on the issues. On the last day, each group will present their work to a panel of investors. The investors will then chose a winner who will receive an investment and contract with House of Battles to further the work created.



In addition to our Thanksgiving and Christmas drives, every year we partner with businesses, foundations, community development corporations and government officials to participate in community enhancement projects. Prior projects have included school and library beautification, neighborhood cleaning and book drives. We love meeting new people with new ideas for bettering the Chicago community and abroad.

We work to channel our clients’ values by creating powerful narratives and designing captivating imagery that inspire action and make complex information accessible and easy to grasp.

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